The Weeding Woman, LLC
Here's the dirt on us.

The Weeding Woman, LLC ® provides personalized, knowledgeable and reliable care to gardens throughout Nashville. As the name implies, weeding is a primary service, though all aspects of full service garden care — including mulching, planting, pruning, and fertilizing — are available.

We take a quality-over-quantity approach and strive to respond to every garden's special qualities as well as the garden-owner's unique needs. A personal relationship is cultivated with each garden, and clients can trust that they are in skilled, attentive, accountable hands.

The Weeding Woman, LLC ® works with a range of clients and garden situations. People who have benefitted from our services include:

  • Busy professionals
  • Elderly homeowners
  • New gardeners
  • Injured or overwhelmed gardeners
  • Homeowners readying their home for sale or a special event
  • People who simply hate to weed

The Weeding Woman, LLC ® was germinated in 2005 by Jennifer L. Johnson. She is horticulturally trained and master gardener certified, and has more than 18 years of hands-on, dirt-level experience. Gardening is a personal passion and rehabilitation of long-neglected gardens is a favored specialty. She tends her clients' gardens with a small team of well-trained and well-supervised fellow gardeners.